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Timbor Cucine is about revolutionizing the experience in the kitchen. We know that your kitchen is an everyday room-every day of the year!!!

Timbor Cucine is an international manufacturer, marketer and retailer of modular kitchens with a Pan India retail presence in the most competent sales points with a display that is unrivaled in its completeness and diversification because only in that way can all the value of its kitchens be fully appreciated, analyzed and seen firsthand.

Timbor Cucine incorporates the latest trends in modular kitchens keeping the Indian cooking habits in mind. Italian modular kitchens need to be adapted before they can work in the Indian environment. What we have created is the perfect balance of what you need - with what you’d like! From customized cabinets & drawers to water seepage & servant handling reinforcements we have thought of it all!

The Italian Kitchen Indianised Timbor CUCINE

Walk in to our showroom and Leave the rest to us...

Good looks, adequate storage, durability & low budget - we can accommodate anything ! Start to finish Timbor makes the process as simple for you as possible.

Tell us what you're looking for :

•   Choose a ready Kitchen or better still have us DESIGN one for you.

•   Customize as per your requirements.

•   Choose accessories, fittings & appliances.

•   Choose materials & finishing.


•   View your Kitchen before a final order.

•   Have our technicians install your Kitchen in as little as 7 - 15 days.

•   Get delivery and warranty.

•   Your kitchen is ready! And all you had to do was walk-in!!!

Delivery & Installation

Bringing quality within everyone's reach has always been one of Timbor Cucine's top priorities. This means focusing on and producing quality using tough, reliable materials and timeless design, so the price of the product reflects its true value. Timbor Cucine kitchens are accompanied by a Warranty Card and Maintenance Care tips warranting a quality culture rooted in an in-depth understanding of kitchens.

Timbor cabinets, doors and drawers are designed to withstand the slams, knocks, jerks, bangs, stains, spills, scratches and cigarette burns. Nothing could jitter them !!!

Timbor's commitment of quality products to its customers has ensured that we tie with the best in the industry to be our suppliers and alliance partners. The components offered are sourced from Germany, Italy, Korea, USA & France.

Timbor Cucine offers free and easy home delivery within a short span of 2-3 weeks. Timbor's delivery system ensures that your kitchen arrives at your home insured and on schedule. Delivery is free of charge to any address within India.

Timbor Cucine's installers take great care to ensure that your new kitchen is installed without any fuss. Rest assured that your new kitchen will be in good hands.

A classic example of style

Distinctive signs of a stylish kitchen: the familiar warmth of Ash-wood, lightly stained to the gentle natural color of Pear, the timeless elegance of the framed door.

Plan Your New Timbor Kitchen

Measure Your Kitchen

Its easy, but remember accuracy is important, Here's how you do it :

A - First measure the width of all walls and the distance from corners to doors. Also measure anything that projects into the room such as air vents, pipes, pillars etc..

B - Next measure the size of all windows followed by the height and distance of each window from the doors and ceiling.

C - Measure and mark the location of electric outlets and note down where you would like new outlets or switches. (This is important if you are installing new appliances).

D - Lastly, locate fixed utilities like gas, water and drainage. If you intend moving any of these, mark their new location on your plan.

The 5 most common kitchen layouts

efficiency of your kitchen can depend more on how it's laid out than the amount of space you have. When you begin to plan it's a good idea to think about the natural work flows between the key activity areas - food preparation, cooking, cleaning up - which help make up what kitchen experts call the work triangle. Here are brief descriptions of the five most common layout types that will provide a practical kitchen.

Single-line kitchen
This layout puts all appliances and cabinets along one wall. It's a most effective solution for narrow kitchens

U-shaped kitchen
Here the fridge, cooktop and sink are arranged for total efficiency and convenience. Everything is easily reachable and the cook is not disturbed. There is also a lot of free countertop and storage space.

L-shaped kitchen
The most popular layout. Movements are simple. A corner cabinet will give plenty of accessible storage.

Gallery kitchen
An efficient use of space makes this shape a hot favorite amongst Chefs. One needs to make sure that the two facing rows are at least 48" apart to avoid congestion. This set-up saves steps and makes sense if you love to entertain!

Single-line kitchen with an island
An island provides the extra workspace and storage area. It also makes it easy for more than one person to work together. One could also equip the island with an extra sink or cooktop.